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5R Strategic Consultancy Sdn Bhd - AMLATFA E-Learning Programme


5R offers AMLATFA (Anti-Money Laundering & Anti – Terrorism Financing Act (Amended 2010) e-learning courseware. AMLATFA courseware includes the latest rules and regulation from Bank Negara with improved user interactivity content and in sync with the latest e-learning courseware trend.



As e-learning evolves, there is more demand on e-learning courseware that can provide personalize and “imitate the real scenarios” to the users. With this in mind, 5R offers a new e-learning concept that includes:

  1. Case study simulations
    1. A role play case study based on “real cases” of AMLA that happened in Malaysia
  2. User friendly and lightweight learning contents
    1. Personalize colour schemes, font sizes and languages to accommodate user preference to improve level of interaction between user and courseware
    2. Design with lightweight of flash animation and using on demand video clips and animations
    3. Design a more concise learning objective for each AMLA module, where user can clearly achieve each learning objective from short quiz at the end of each module



1.       Description

Awareness on money laundering activities and internal reporting requirements, in compliance with BNM/RH/GL000-2, 006-1, 006-2,008-1 and AML & ATF Act 2001.

2.       Objectives

At the end of the program participants will be able to:

        Describe Money Laundering and identify risks of money laundering in the Bank

        Recognize key stages in Money Laundering and techniques used by money launderers

        Understand the BNM guidelines and reporting requirements

        Identify and report on suspicious activities

        Comprehend impact of AMLATF Act 2010


3.       Key Contents 

a.           Introduction to money laundering and financing of terrorism

      Define money laundering and financing of terrorism

      Identify money laundering activities

b.           Customer acceptance policy and due diligence

        Explain the customer acceptance policy

        List types of customer

        Explain customer due diligence

c.           On-going monitoring and recognizing suspicious activities

        Explain the on-going monitoring

        Identify the suspicious trigger

        Explain the red flags

        List the high risk business

d.           AMLATF Act 2010

        Identify the key provisions of AMLATFA

        Explain the process of suspicious transaction reporting

        Differentiate the roles and responsibilities of

                                                    i.     Frontliners

                                                   ii.     Credit officers

                                                  iii.     Senior management

                                                 iv.     Board of directors

e.           Three (3) case studies assessment



1.       End User (students) requirement

·               Any platform that supports HTML and compatible web browser that supports HTML5 or Flash Player 

2.       Learning Management System (if hosted by Bank)

·               Operation system : Linux and Windows

·               Memory : 1GB recommended

·               Web (HTTP) server : Apache 2.x.+ Web Server

·               Database server : MYSQL 5.0.4+ server

·               Software: PHP 5.3.+ 

3.       e-Learning content standards

SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 compatible