Credit and Risk Management skills are essential for bankers. However, many courses consist of academic theories which are difficult to relate in day-to-day operation. This programme is specially designed to expose financing officers and analysts to a systematic approach in presenting and evaluating a financing application.


The programme will highlight financing issues based on practical cases as well as sharing experiences on industry practices. 5R will use our own developed Financial Excel Template as a classroom teaching aid. Ultimately, the knowledge and skills learnt can be put into practice by the Bank’s officers.



At the end of the programme the participants will be able to:

        Set a minimum standard in processing financing proposal

        Understand the entire scope of financing evaluation

        Know the main components of Financial Statements and able to apply them in evaluating the past financial performance of the business

        Able to compute the business funding requirements and ways out analysis

        Understand the importance of early identification of potential problem accounts

•     Present an effective Financing Memo to justify their recommendation          



1.     Qualitative Analysis

        Scope Of Financing Evaluation

        Management and Shareholders

        Business Operation

        Operating Risks

        Other Credit Risks

        Case Study


2.     Quantitative Analysis

        Comment on Past Financial Performance

        Comment on Financial Position

        Comment on Earning Capacity

        Comment on Liquidity Position

        Ratios Analysis

        Case Study


3.     Financing Requirement and Structuring

          Projected Income Statement

          Financing Requirement

          Computation of Net Working Capital Requirement

          Computation of CAPEX Financing

          Case Study


4.     Ways Out Analysis

          Cash Flow Projection

          Debt Service Ratio

          Security Arrangements

          Case Study




Training duration             : 6 days

Maximum participants     : 25 persons per class