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5R Strategic Consultancy Sdn Bhd - Study Guide To Professional Credit Certification (Level 1) Certified Credit Executive


The Professional Credit Certification (PCC) is specialise certification by the Institut Bank-Bank Malaysia (IBBM). It demonstrates the minimum standard of core credit competency that needs to be achieved by the credit personnel in the banking and finance industry.

There are three (3) levels of certification offered under PCC programme:-

        Level 1: Certified Credit Executive (CCE)

        Level 2: Retail Credit Professional (RCP) / Business Credit Professional (BCP)

        Level 3: Corporate Credit Specialist (CCS)

5R believes strong credit foundation is required for undertaking credit roles and responsibilities. Therefore, we are focusing on Level 1: Certified Credit Executive (CCE) and have developed a study guide to help the participants to attain the certification.



The main objective of this Study Guide Program is to help participants to pass CCE Examination, attain Certification, and able to apply the knowledge and skills gained towards effective credit risk identification and management.



•      Summary and notes of each chapter

•      Multiple choice questions (MCQs) for every chapter

•      5R on-line questions via e-learning facility

•      Trial Examination



•      Module 1: The Malaysian Financial System, Regulations and Ethics

a.   The Malaysian Financial System

b.   Laws and Regulations in Malaysian Banking

c.    Ethics and Corporate Governance


•      Module 2: Basic Credit Skills

a.   Principles of Lending

b.   The Credit Risk Assessment Framework

c.    The CAMPARI Framework

d.   Borrowers and their Legal Status

e.   Credit Information and its Verification

f.     Loan and Securities Documentation

g.   Landed Securities and Credit Support

h.   Guarantees and Indemnity


          Module 3:Basic Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis

a.   General Accounting Principles and Policies

b.   Understanding Financial Statements

c.    Quantitative Analysis of Financial Statements

d.   Qualitative Aspects of Financial Statements Analysis 


          Module 4: Credit Writing Skills

a.   Overview of Report Writing

b.   Language and Writing Styles

c.    Introducing Credit Report Writing

d.   Context of Credit Report Writing

e.   Preliminary and Introduction

f.     Main Body of Discussion for New Lending Proposal

g.   Main Body of Discussion for Annual Review and Special Cases

h.   Summarisation

i.     Conclusions and Recommendations



Training duration         : 2 days for each module

(i.e. total 8 days for whole CCE Study Guide Programme)


Maximum participants : 25 persons per class